Best Interior Designers and Decorators in Las Vegas

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The interior design opportunities are endless in Las Vegas. The city is famous worldwide for its award-winning decorated casinos and hotels and is now growing into a city for starting a family and growing old. Now, more than ever, Las Vegas is opening itself up to more interior design work.

Over the past six years, Las Vegas has been making long strides to make the city more inviting for new homebuyers – and it’s paying off. Zillow has named Las Vegas number four on the best cities for new homebuyers list. With a growing amount of people moving to Las Vegas, interior design is seeing new heights.

The Las Vegas Design Center is known for hosting multiple design and construction events. Industry leaders are beginning to arrive from all over the globe and are cultivating an environment where exceptional design has no boundaries.

With such a big market, there are obviously an extreme amount of interior designers and decorators in Las Vegas, but this list will give you some of the top designers – in no particular order.

Roger Thomas
With a career that has spanned over forty years, Roger Thomas is best known for his work on resort hotels and casinos. He spent 20 years with Atlandia Design and designed the interiors of The Mirage, Treasure Island, and the Bellagio Resort. He is the executive vice president for Wynn Design and Development. With them, he decorated the interiors of Wynn Las Vegas. He graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Art and continued his education with A BFA in Art History from Tufts Univerity. His work has been published in Architectural Digest and Elle.

Jill Abelman
Before opening a retail home accessory store in Laguna Beach, Jill worked for several prominent design firms in Newport Beach and Los Angeles. She moved to Las Vegas in 1998, to design and coordinate model home projects. In 2004, she opened Inside Style – a full-service residential interior design firm.

Peggy Scinta
By her twenties, Peggy was creating memorable and unique spaces. Before she opened her first design firm in New York, Peggy spent fifteen years in the corporate world which give her invaluable business skills. Once transitioning to Las Vegas, Peggy and her team created an entertainment suite for a Vegas headliner. Scinta Designs, Peggy’s firm, specializes in designing luxury vacation homes.

Jill Thompson
Jill Thompson is the daughter of designer Milton Homer and always finds inspiration in her surroundings. She attended the University of Utah, while attending school she worked in the family showroom and attended furniture markets with her father. Jill has a special, long-lasting relationship with the leading industry companies and contacts. These relationships are due to her background as an interior designer, furniture buyer, and showroom owner. She is the owner of Jill Thompson Desing. Her company gives functional spaces that reflect their clients’ styles.

Heather Soto
Heather attended Bellevue College in 2005 and completed a FIDER Accredited Design Program while there. In 2007, she co-founded Inhabit Design, with partner Michelle DiMauro. She sketches hand-colored renderings for her full-service clients. The work of Inhabit has been featured in H&D Magazine, Las Vegas Review-Journal, and las Vegas Business Press.

Cary Vogel
Cary is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design in New York City. He moved to Las Vegas in 1998 and brought his New York city flair with him. His sophisticated style earned him a big reputation. His work has seen numerous publications featured in Luxury, Fine Interiors, and las Vegas Life.

Alice Roussos
Alice’s career spans over 20 years and has a great deal of experience in high-end and corporate interior design. In 1987, Alice founded Interior Motives which specializes in the needs of contractors, developers, and homeowners. She graduated from the Interior Design Institute. She was awarded the Design Excellence Award by ASID. In 2011, she was awarded “Designer of the Year” by Las Vegas Design Center.

Lisa Escobar
Lisa is a former fashion brand ambassador and hospitality manager. She has always understood that customer service is the key to client trust and repeat business. She has a company called All Por Ju that offers a wide range of design services from space planning to personal shopping. Her aim is to blend her clients’ passion for creativity by implementing it into every environment. She holds a degree in Kinesiological Sciences and works as a volunteer for Lied Discovery Children’s Museum fundraising gala.

The Best Design Software For 3D Printing

You may use a number of programs to work with a 3D printer, and you must ensure that you have a program that will help you tinker with the 3D printing you need to do. You may print a number of different items when you are using the proper program online, and you may download it to your computer when you wish to carry it with you. This article explains three different programs you may use, and each of them is a bit different from the other when you begin to experiment with them.

#1: FreeCAD

FreeCAD is a browser program you may use at any time when you are working on a new design, and you will see a 3D rendering of the object that you are working on. The person who is doing the most work on 3D printer will appreciate this product as they may use it online. The program will help you ensure that you have designed something that works with your printer, and you will quite enjoy the program as you may reach it anywhere. You need not waste your time downloading a program when you may open the website at any time.

You will learn quite a lot from the website when you log on as they offer quite a lot of information about CAD programming. The CAD program will help you build something in 3D, and you may adjust the image as much as you like.

#2: CraftWare

You may use this program on PC and Mac, and you will find it quite simple to download it to your computer when you are ready. You may use the program to ensure that you have built your item on your computer, and you may save it to your machine when you are ready. There are quite a few people who are searching for the finest CAD program that will print into their 3D printer, and you will find CraftWare to be helpful. You may use this program on a PC or Mac, and you may create anything you like.

#3: Cura

Cura is a program that will help you ensure that you are building the proper items for your printer, and you will see a mock-up of the item on the screen when you are done, and you may print this at any time. You have a number of people who will use this program because it is the simplest to use, and you will find it simple to ensure that you have a proper screenshot of the item. You will notice there are many different items you may create on the screen, and you may rotate it as much as you like to ensure it looks its best.

#4: What Is Your Preference?

You may use anything you like when you are working, but you have many options outside these three. You may choose any of the three, but the most common choice will be Free CAD. You may go to the FreeCAD site at any time, and it will be simple to use. You will notice there are many different things that you may build on the site, and you may do so from any computer or device you like. There are quite a few people who will use the site, and they will gain access no matter where they go.

#5: What Is The Purpose Of CAD Programming?

CAD programs started as the fixture and standard of the architecture industry, and there are many people who are becoming familiar with CAD because CAD will help these people create anything they like. They are learning that there is no other way to create for a 3D printer, and you must ensure that you have chosen the program that helps you learn CAD in the easiest way possible. You must know what you are getting into when you begin designing, and choosing the program with the finest tutorial may help you quite a lot.

#6: Which To Choose?

The preference here is FreeCAD because the program is available online. The program is easy to use, and there is a lovely design that anyone will appreciate. They will feel comfortable as they begin to learn the program, and they will notice how simple it is to become an expert CAD programmer. You may build anything, and you may rotate it to your heart’s content. You will find it simpler to use than other programs, and you will not spend a dollar on the technology.

The Best Escorts In Las Vegas For Your Pleasure

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Las Vegas, The city of bright lights, euphoric pleasure, and the one place where all your lustful passions are granted unlimited expression. The bright light is hypnotizing, the crowded evanescent casinos offer you a chance to make a fortune overnight, and the women show you the beauty and pleasure far beyond what you ever dreamed possible.

It’s awful being alone in a place like Las Vegas. There is so much to do, so much to see, so much to become. Being alone in the heaven or earth that is Las Vegas should not even be considered an option.

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I must admit, it takes an emotional toll on men to go unarmed into the jungle that is the dating world. Men are always the receivers of never-ending judgment on the very fundamental structure of their life — from where they work, their “nerdy”, “quirky” hobbies to the very core of their personality are always scrutinized by women. Truth is, dating always renders men drained and defeated. Even after she meets a woman he is attracted to, and a date has been set up, the idea of having the “perfect” date always adds insurmountable pressure. “What if she doesn’t like me by the end of the night?” “What if she’s allergic to the food?” “What if she doesn’t find me attractive?” “What if she doesn’t want to kiss me?”, are a few nerve-wracking thoughts men entertain when it comes to planning a date.
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Everyday life feels repetitive. We long for what we see in the films, the spontaneity, and free-spirited fun we see the women in the movies display. It’s time to unplug, take a break, let yourself go for once, and have unrestricted fun. Enough of living life on autopilot, going through the motions of mundane everyday life, Embrace your fantasies, embrace her. Let her do all the work, and treat you to all the pleasure you are capable of receiving. You can have it, it can all be yours. You deserve it.

Easy Steps to Website Design

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Easy Steps to Website Design
Designing a website can be confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming all at the same time. However, by following a few easy steps, almost anyone can create a site to suit their needs and the needs of their audience. Below are some tips for first-time designers. 

Step 1 Deciding on a domain name
Once you’ve made the decision to create your website, give careful thought to what you want your domain name, or website address, to be called. A website name that is easy to remember and relates to the content on your site will make it easier for visitors to find and remember. There are many different websites that can help you register your domain name. There will be an annual fee to lock in and use that domain name for a specified period of time. It is important to remember to renew your domain name annually. If you do not, someone else can claim it and register it to themselves once it is up for grabs.

After you have decided on a domain name, you will want to choose a web host. This is how you are going to get publicity for your website online. Do your research and choose a reputable web host. A web host serves as the middle man by helping people reach your site. This service also usually carries an annual fee.

Step 2 Planning and preparing
Before you can start to actually bring your website to life, you need to lay the groundwork for your site. In order to keep your website traffic levels up, you will want to be sure you are clear regarding who you are looking to attract and what you are looking to convey. Here are some things to consider when you put pen to paper:

-What is the purpose of your site (informative versus interactive)?
-Who are your visitors (narrow down the types of people you are looking to attract)?
-How do you want your website to be laid out (do you want it geared towards tech-savvy people or those with limited web navigation skills)?

Step 3 Execution
This is where it is time to get creative. Unless you’ve done this before, you are very likely not going to be able to create your entire web design yourself from scratch. What you will look to do is search for and decide on a web design provider. Many of these providers charge fees for upgraded designs but will provide a fairly decent selection of standardized stock designs that will still allow you to personalize your colors and portions of the layout. You will be able to choose a template for your website and then start to fill in all of the information you are looking to include.

Step 4 Trial run and launch
This is the most exciting step in the process. Giving your website a trial run is important because it is your chance to ensure everything is in working order. You’ll want to click on every link on your website to be sure they are all fully operational. Look at your images and text. Does everything line up and present the way you intended? Does your page load without incident?

A commonly overlooked area is testing your site out on multiple hardware types. For example, your website may look great on a laptop, but take on a different look when viewed on a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet. Keep that in mind when designing your site if possible.

Step 5 Get your website listed with search engines
An internet search will give you more information about this topic, but you will basically want to do an internet search for the applicable search engine’s submission page to sign yourself up. You want to be sure not to skip this step. Why? Because registering your site with multiple search engines will ensure it is seen by a myriad of people searching for sites like yours. Internet traffic is imperative to the success of your site, so be sure to register with as many search engines as you can.

Designing an appealing and easy-to-navigate website is critical to generating and keeping a steady flow of traffic to your website. Therefore, it is important to take your time and have fun creating your custom site. Explore different formats and layouts. Experiment with colors and fonts. Determine what you want your website to say about you and give it your best shot!