With the season of giving (and receiving!) fast approaching, I’ve got toy overload heavy on the brain. Even though Bee is only four months, we’re already surrounded with plastic contraptions, giant toys and well-intended gifts from friends and family. And although it seems unappreciative to even utter, I’m feeling a bit overloaded with goodies.

I recently stumbled on the story of a preschool teacher who replaced every toy in his classroom with raw materials (egg cartons, cardboard boxes, etc). No batteries allowed. Isn’t there something thrilling about the concept? I’m somewhat of a minimalist at heart, so I love the idea of letting Bee run wild with nothing more than her imagination.

Tell me, do you struggle with a constant toy overload in your home? And how do you combat this – especially during the holiday season? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

p.s. One of my girlfriends has what she likes to call a “Hello, Goodbye” rule in her home. If she welcomes a new sweater into her closet, an old article of clothing must leave. If her daughter brings home a new book, it must replace an old one on the shelf. I’m not quite organized enough to give it a go, but it does sound incredibly balanced, yes?
p.p.s. Can you spot my dog Bernie’s favorite toy in the above picture? It’s one of Bee’s stuffed animals! 

Photo Credit // Woodnote Photography

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