I’ve got plane trips and car rides on the mind with the upcoming holidays (any of you going anywhere fun?), so today I rounded up 15 amazingly travel-friendly toys over at Babble. (You can see the full list right here!)* Perfectly quiet, perfectly compact and perfectly fun! Speaking of traveling, my friend Laney has a fun (free!) “toy” that her kid LOVES on airplanes: “I save tiny cosmetic boxes from blush, powders and soaps all year long and then I flatten them all right before a plane trip. My 3-year-old loves to put them back together and then we hide tiny notes inside!” Super smart, right?

Happy traveling!

*I don’t usually re-post my writing from elsewhere, but I thought this might be a super helpful topic for those of you packing for a long Thanksgiving weekend!

p.s. Tube toys made the cut!

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