Guys. 2012 was big, wasn’t it? I don’t know if it’s because I feel like I’ve set sail from the rough waters of newborndom into adorable babyhood or if I’m finally learning to embrace years passed, but I’m super, super thrilled for 2013. It can only go up from here, yes?

I’ll be taking some time off to enjoy Bee’s first Christmas, but I wanted to wish you some cheer before I go. Above is our family’s holiday card (photographed by Woodnote Photography and printed at Minted!), and I think it so perfectly illustrates this year in the Loechner household: Me and Ken, sitting next to each other – watching baby Bee as she makes us smile. New babies are like watching fires, forever changing and shifting as they bring warmth to our homes. And although all is certainly not calm (nor are the nights silent), it is bright indeed.

I wish you and yours the most beautiful holiday season this year. May you enjoy moments of peace, goodwill and cozy slippers.

Erin Loechner

p.s. If you’re having a hard time feeling the holiday cheer, might I recommend a few links? Radio Lab’s Bliss podcast, 26 kindest moments of 2012  and 31 of the cutest animals ever.
p.p.s. 2013 will bring on a slight change here at Design for MiniKind as I welcome Megan Peters, my new research editor! Inspired by my slow blogging movement on Design for Mankind, I’m thrilled to bring the same design/creative finds, but with a deeper and more meaningful spin (and a slightly less frequent, more random nature). I can’t wait for you to enjoy our posts.

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