Ever wonder what a seamstress from the 1700s and a modern tailor would dream up were they to collaborate on a little girl’s clothing collection today? The answer is London-based Hucklebones. Named after the designer’s childhood Shetland pony, Hucklebones marries timeless quality fabrics from European mills with exclusive in-house specialty prints to produce heirloom pieces every little girl dreams of twirling about in…

With materials such as cashmere and wool (and prices from $32-$143), these are certainly not your everyday play clothes. But how lovely would it be to pass on a few precious pieces to your children – and their children, as well? I often wonder if it would inspire thoughtfulness in a child to know their clothing will be saved for future generations. Sure, juice boxes spill and shoes scuff, but does a revolving door of new, low-quality clothing lead to carelessness in one’s attitude toward things? And does purchasing heirloom clothing dictate greater respect in a wardrobe?

Of course, I suppose if I were to justify expensive clothing purchases, I’d have to learn to tailor, sew and mend first. There’s a first time for everything, yes?

Above are a few of my favorite pieces that I’d welcome both in Bee’s closet (and my own!).┬áVisit Hucklebones online or shop their U.S. collection at Childrensalon.

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