reading in bed

I always love hearing about how mothers spend their days with their littles – are they homebodies, like Bee and me? Or do they explore, seek and play outdoors – always ready for a new adventure? I was recently asked to share my day on So, How Was Your Day? – a brilliant peek into the day planners of fellow creatives – and was surprised at how, after writing out my daily routine, tied to a schedule I truly am.

Perhaps that’s why the transition to motherhood was so difficult for me; I have zero spontaneous cells swimming throughout my body. But at the same time, I think it’s so important for Bee to learn to adapt to various circumstances, so this week, I’m making an effort to ditch the day planner and enjoy a few adventures. Yesterday, Ken and I visited our local pet store to look at the fish tanks and puppies – it was like the ultimate indoor zoo experience! Bee wasn’t impressed, but she did seem to love a particular gerbil that looks a bit like Bernie.

Here’s to braving cold weather, embracing spontaneity and throwing the day planner out the window. (At least for the week!)

Tell me – did you find yourselves tied to a schedule with your babies? It’s insane how often I use “I’ve got a baby” as an excuse to stay home! I’d love to hear if you guys are similar…

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