Bee officially turned seven months old this week and her obsession with fabric continues to grow stronger than ever, so my thoughts keep turning to security blankets and such. Of course, a forever blanket is a big deal (I can’t help but think of how many future photos it will be in, or if she’ll want to pass it on to her own children?), so I’ve been shopping around with a very selective eye. Here are some lovely options I’ve spotted (31 of them!) – just in case your little ones are in the market for a few of their own!:

1. Once Upon A Crib Quilt ($99) at Land of Nod
2. Alpaca Bunny Blanket – Aqua ($200) at 2Modern
3. Garbo & Friends Minty Blanket ($180.52) at Smallable
4. Sherbet Stripes Crib Quilt ($89) at Land of Nod
5. Marine Queen Crib Quilt ($119) at Land of Nod
6. Lale Suzanne Printed Blanket (£52.50) at Little Fashion Gallery
7. Pastel Dot Blanket ($59.99) at AllyZabba
8. Bonnie Baby Juicy Blue Two-Color Blanket (£52.15) at Little Fashion Gallery


9. Babe & Tess Striped Quilt Cover ($127.27) at Smallable
10. Auggie Everyday Blanket ($78) at Fawn & Forest
11. Aden + Anais Bamboo Blankies ($24.99) at Magic Beans
12. April Showers Grey Stars Blanket ($75.32) at Smallable
13. Cross Stitch Baby Quilt ($150) at Giggle
14. April Showers Nude Cover ($75.32) at Smallable
15. Grey Silk Blanket ($75) at My Little Square
16. Stars Blanket ($94.80) at My Little Square


17. Ferm Living Happy Harlequin Blanket ($81.95) at Fawn & Forest
18. Le Petit Lucas du Tertre Double-Sided Star Blanket ($129.87) at Smallable
19. Ferm Living Rush Hour Blanket ($81.95) at Fawn & Forest
20. Mustard Yellow Tatami Blanket ($94.81) at Smallable
21. Organic Cotton Striped Receiving Blanket ($36) at
22. Beacoup de Fraises Crib Quilt ($79) at Land of Nod


23. April Showers Diabolo Plaid Blanket ($75.32) at Smallable
24. DwellStudio Play Blanket ($88) at Tottini
25. Cashmere Plaid Blanket ($120.78) at Smallable
26. April Showers Dots Plaid Blanket ($75.32) at Smallable
27. Sonny P Polar Coverage (£84.50) at Little Fashion Gallery
28. Olio Sticks Play Blanket ($64) at Fawn & Forest
29. Ferm Living Little Remix Blanket ($81.95) at Fawn & Forest
30. Lucky Boy Sunday Baby Bobby Blanket (£167.50) at Little Fashion Gallery
31. Anita Riga Blanket (£32.55) at Little Fashion Gallery

I’m curious – at what age did you mamas give your babies a blanket in their crib? I have the most irrational fear of suffocation, so I’m hoping you’ll calm my nerves?

p.s. #7 above are my friend Jill’s blankets and they have the craziest story! She started making them when she was pregnant with her first daughter (who I actually used to babysit when I lived in California), and after she was born, her doula friend stopped by and commented on how great it was that the blankets were so silky. She’d learned in her classes that, apparently, newborns tend to calm down faster when they feel silky materials because it reminds them of the uterus lining! Isn’t that nuts? But it totally works – Jill’s always getting emails about how her “magic blankets” make babies less fussy.
p.p.s. Just for fun: The multi-tasking blanket!

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