animal toys for kids
A few weeks ago, temps were like a million degrees below freezing, but the whole family was feeling restless (yes, even these two!). So we bundled ourselves up and ventured to the pet store for an afternoon of animal-gazing. Because basically, the pet store is just a miniature indoor zoo, yes? Bee wasn’t impressed by the puppies, hamsters, bunnies or fish (she’s a hard one to please, this gal) but she was definitely captivated by the colors and labels of the dog food. Future culinary artist or branding exec, perhaps?
Anyway, our trip made me think of this study, which reveals that kids are more drawn to animals than toys. I certainly find it true in our household, as Bernie is Bee’s greatest pal on earth. (Ken and I have a theory that George only has a 7-second memory capacity, so we’re not sure he knows who Bee is.) So today, inspired by animals and the babies who love them, I’m collecting a few cuties from around the web (20 to be exact!):
animal toys for kids
Tell me, do your babies take an interest in your pets or even stuffed animals? (And did you know that baby animals are proven to increase productivity? Craziness!)
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