One of the most valuable lessons my parents taught me was the ability to budget wisely and save, save, save. So before Bee was born, Ken and I knew we’d strive to pass along that same wisdom our parents had given us. Although I always relied heavily on the envelope system as a kid, there’s something so very nostalgic about a good, old-fashioned piggy bank. (Of course, I’d hardly call the above picks old-fashioned, but they’re certainly full of charm, yes?) Today, enjoy a few of my favorite modernized, quirky piggy banks from around the web!:

1. Oink Ceramic Piggy Bank ($74) at gSelect
2. Miss Monnipenni ($102) at Siebensachen
3. Chalk Piggy Bank ($85) at Ladies & Gentlemen Studio
4. Drop Money Bank ($44) at Greener Grass Design
5. Cardboard Piggy Bank ($19) at Wannekes
6. Copilcus ($31) at Art Lebedev Studio
7. Coink ($42) at Greener Grass Design
8. Glass Pig Bank ($28) at Furbish Studio
9. Enviro Bank ($24.75) at Earthology

p.s. Here’s NPR’s take on allowances.
p.p.s. My all-time favorite piggy bank.

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