You knew this post was coming, yes? First-time mom registries are so very funny. We furiously add products day after day, discovering new miraculous lifesavers that promise to make the transition easier and the baby happier and life all around more magical. And then the baby comes and you realize that he hates to be swaddled. And she needs a louder sound machine. Or that bathtubs are sort of unnecessary.

And even though I was lucky enough to be surrounded with super smart mothers who recommended some amazing products, every baby is so very different. With this in mind, I’ll be spending some time over the next few weeks updating my registry page here. Now that Bee is 8 months, I’ll share with you the products we loved/hated/never used/used daily. I’m hoping you’ll find it super useful if you’re a new mom registering for her sweet little babe now (and congratulations!).

Stay tuned: tomorrow we’re starting with the nursery!

Image Credit: Woodnote Photography

p.s. Did any of you new moms fail miserably with your registry? I can’t believe how badly I missed the mark with a few of my picks!
p.p.s. For some advice from moms that are smarter than I, enjoy my baby registry tips video on

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