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Bee and I haven’t yet entered the craft stage (we’re still working on getting the spoon in the mouth rather than on the dog), but I’m so looking forward to a bright future of glue sticks and construction paper. Crafting was one of my favorite hobbies as a kid, and although I’m not much of a DIY gal now, I love the idea of reserving a quiet afternoon for creativity and play. Especially if it looks like this…

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Art director Koji Iyama has been collaborating with Japanese masking tape manufacturer MT in a series of incredible art installations (I shared a few here!), but by far, one of my favorite projects has been his kid-inspired workshops in Tokyo Mid Town.

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It’s a fairly simple idea, presenting over-sized cardboard houses and animals as blank canvases to be taped upon by sticky fingers far and wide. And in reality, a few cardboard boxes would be just as enjoyable for a quick and easy afternoon craft.

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The added bonus? Clean-up is easy peasy and masking tape is temporary – good news for parents who have kids that don’t enjoy coloring inside the proverbial lines.

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It’s always such a treat to see how a kid’s imagination works – the beauty that blooms from a clean slate and a few artistic tools. Wouldn’t this be a fun party idea to entertain your kid’s guests? Or an impromptu rainy day activity to delight the neighbors?

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Proof that, often times, the simplest ideas can make for the grandest adventures.

Image Credits: Koji Iyama

p.s. Road tape for kids and a duct tape train.

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