Martha Stewart has held my proverbial hand through every major transition of my life. As an evergreen newlywed who frequently relied on take-out and dry cereal, it was a borrowed copy of  Cooking School that taught me the beauty of a homemade meal. When I launched my own website, brand and business, I furiously highlighted my way through The Martha Rules. And when my husband and I purchased our very first home in Los Angeles, it was Martha Stewart’s advice I sought in my dog-eared copy of her Homekeeping Handbook.

Now, a mother, I don’t intend to stop consulting my favorite expert anytime soon. So I was thrilled when the team at Martha Stewart Living asked me to share my favorite Martha-approved ideas for inspired kids. Enjoy 20 of my favorite activities, tips and tricks for raising happy, creative and engaged children – filled to the brim with pint-sized inspiration from Martha herself.

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Image Credit: Husband Loechner

p.s. Speaking of Martha, did any of you try these from her fantastic kids’ craft book? It’s a goodie!

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