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While I was in Ethiopia last week, Bee slept through the night every. single. night. For those keeping score at home, that’s seven nights in a row, something she’s never done in her entire life. (Except for when she’s in the womb, maybe? Can’t be sure.) Anyway, of course it didn’t stick. The very moment mama walked in the door with bags in tow, she was up to her old tricks of waking up multiple times to host crib dance parties at midnight. She knows she’s got a sucker in me, that’s for sure.

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And even though we have an anti-sleeper on my hands, I can’t help but pause to share Anatology, a line of graphic sleep sacks from French mama Delphine (love that name!) Miquel. Created from soft, natural materials and locally made in France, Delphine’s debut collection of modern sleepwear is filled to the brim with trend-driven graphic prints. Very HAY¬†meets MARIOS, yes?

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I love seeing “grown-up” trends filtered down and applied to the littles, especially given the endless options for re-purposing around the home. How sweet would these patterns look as mini throw pillows for a child’s bedroom once baby outgrows them? Dreamy indeed.

Image Credit: Anatology 

p.s.More darling sleep-inspired goods.

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