COFFEY ARCHITECTS Young Architect of the Year 2012

Few things make me smile brighter than great design for a good cause – especially when an element of play is in full force. Enter A Doll’s House, a wildly successful fundraiser event in England last night that raised over £90,000 for KIDS, a national charity working with disabled children and their families. The gist? 20 contemporary architects, designers, artists and creatives designed and built a doll house for the 21st century, including at least one feature that makes life easier for a child with a disability. The houses (although sculptures is likely a more fitting title!) were then auctioned off with proceeds going toward KIDS. Take a peek at a few of these beauties…


Many were designed to accommodate 360 degrees of play, perfect for facilitating community and relationships and friendships – all key to creating a thriving environment for children with disabilities.


It’s a beautiful portrait of community – both the creations themselves and the benefit surrounding them (as well as the cause). Surely you’ve seen this video of Batkid swirling around the Internet, and I just find such inspiration in good people doing great things to invest in the lives of children – healthy or sick, disabled or not.

ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS Internationally renowned, award-winning architects

Because as the saying goes, it takes a village. And in every village lives a cluster of houses – big and small – ready to face the elements with shelter and warmth and love.

Image Credits: A Doll’s House

p.s. The dollhouse garage.

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