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I get a lot of emails asking about what I keep in our home, the types of toys and books and activities that sprinkle our days. And I will first say this: although I am a minimalist, I am also a peacemaker. If it overjoys Bee’s uncle to gift her a thirty pound stuffed Minnie Mouse to display in our living room, and if said stuffed Minnie Mouse delights Bee, then welcome to the sofa, Minnie. Please don’t leave your cheese between the couch cushions, but otherwise, make yourself at home.

Indeed, there are things you don’t choose for your kids – items that are gifted with love that, sure, aren’t your style but are made tasteful by sentiment. The handmade outfits from grandmother, the battery-operated push toys, or if your child is anything like Bee, the plastic army men she perpetually steals from the nursery at church. (This child has very sticky fingers, word to the future.)

For everything else, we get a choice. And while she’s still tiny, I choose to surround herself with a small handful of beautiful, well-designed toys that we both love to share. Here’s the list!



A Perfectly Modern Baby Book

modern baby book

I’m often asked where to find modern baby books – the kind that aren’t sugar and saccharine, but that are meaningful and high quality and will serve as a landing pad for the scattered memories we so desperately want to hoard during those first few months. And although my old favorite was an admittedly expensive Binth design, I’ve found a new kid on the block that I love even more (at a fraction of the price):



let’s get physical!

donna wilson exercise books

Oh, man that Olivia reference will never get old. Anyway, these Donna Wilson (I love everything she does!) exercise books are melting my heart [not my thigh fat, though!]. I’d love to doodle a day’s worth of dreams inside these cutie covers.



good read: hippopposites.


Hippopposites(which is nearly impossible to spell, I might note), is the international debut book from French graphic designer Janik Coat. Adorably modern, Hippopposites introduces opposites and vocabulary in a design-driven fashion (and in the most charming way!). I’m adding this one to my favorite baby books list asap!

Purchase Hippopposites for $15 at Amazon.


good read: press here.

press here book

Consider Press Here by Herve Tullet officially added to my list of favorite baby and kids books. Surprisingly interactive, each vibrant page will send your little one (and you!) into a fit of imaginative giggles. Highly recommend!

Purchase Press Here for $11 at Amazon.


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