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Some of my favorite memories as a kid revolve around reading: numerous weekly trips to the library, learning about far-off places and discovering new authors I wanted to display proudly on my nightstand (Roald Dahl was in constant rotation!). And as if nothing’s changed, I’m still just as excited to share my love for the written word with our sweet little one. Here are a few books I can’t wait to read to her!:

i want my hat backI Want My Hat Back ($10) at Amazon*
By Jon Klassen
Ages 4 and up
A sweet story about a bear and his missing hat, this picture book has a surprise twist at the end!


Ish ($8) at Amazon*
By Peter H. Reynolds
Ages 5 and up
A must-read to foster creativity and combat our inner perfectionist ways.

extra yarn

Extra Yarn ($10) at Amazon*
By: Mac Barnett
Ages 4 and up
A quirky tale of a clever girl’s kindness and ingenuity.

spoon book

Spoon ($11) at Amazon*
By Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Ages 2 and up
A lesson in jealousy and a celebration of individuality.

who will comfort toffle

Who Will Comfort Toffle? ($12) at Amazon*
By Tove Jansson
Ages 9 and up
A timeless tale of two introverts becoming friends despite their insecurities.

i like fruit

I Like Fruit: Petit Collage ($7) at Amazon*
By Lorena Siminovich
Grades K and up
A discovery book for the tiniest of readers!

charley harper 123

Charley Harper 123s ($10) at Amazon*
By Charley Harper
Ages 2 and up
A board book to teach the numbers 1-10 in the most artistic fashion!

creature abc

Creature ABC ($14) at Amazon*
By Andrew Zuckerman
Grades P and up
With elegant photography and an extensive glossary, Creatures is the animal lovers answer to the ABCs.

iggy peck architect Iggy Peck, Architect ($11) at Amazon*
By Andrea Beaty
Ages 4 and up
A lighthearted read to spark any child’s imagination.

virginia wolf kids bookVirginia Wolf ($12) at Amazon*
By Kyo Maclear
Ages 4 and up
An uplifting story of two sisters, a painted wall and overcoming the bad mood blues.

charley harper colors bookCharley Harper Colors ($10) at Amazon*
By Charley Harper
Ages 3 and up
A board book to teach colors; perfect for teeny animal lovers!

people by blexbolex

People ($14) at Amazon*
By Blexbolex
Grades P and up
Introduce your child to all different types of people in this retro-inspired silkscreen hardcover read.

sparkle and spin bookSparkle and Spin ($11) at Amazon*
By Ann Rand
Grades P and up
A timeless classic celebrating the beauty of music + words.

alexander girard color

Alexander Girard Color ($10) at Amazon*
By Alexander Girard
Grades P and up
Discover the world of color with Alexander Girard’s retro illustrations.

bruno munari abc bookBruno Munari’s ABC ($14) at Amazon*
By Bruno Munari
Ages 3 and up
A fun, illustrative foundation for learning the alphabet.

henri's walk to parisHenri’s Walk to Paris($12) at Amazon*
By Leonore Klein
Ages 5 and up
Full of charming, simple graphics, this is the story of one boy’s wanderlust for Paris.

along a long road bookAlong a Long Road ($11) at Amazon*
By Frank Viva
Grades P and up
Using just five colors, illustrator Frank brings life to an eventful bike ride.

one bookOne ($11) at Amazon*
By Kathryn Otoshi
Ages 4 and up
A surprising lesson exists when your child learns about primary colors, numbers and counting.

grandpa green bookGrandpa Green ($11) at Amazon*
By Lane Smith
Ages 5 and up
A whimsical story of family, generations, history and legacies.

oh no george bookOh No, George! ($10) at Amazon*
By Chris Haughton
Ages 2 and up
A retro, illustrative book about a well-intentioned dog and his many temptations.

the quiet bookThe Quiet Book ($10) at Amazon*
By Deborah Underwood
Ages 4 and up
A sweet and gentle, “quiet” read – perfect for bedtime lullabies.

where's walrus bookWhere’s Walrus? ($12) at Amazon*
By Stephen Savage
Ages 3 and up
The quirky story of a runaway walrus and the many hats he disguises himself with.

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