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Congratulations; you’re pregnant! You’re probably swimming in a whirlwind of emotions right now: excitement, anticipation – perhaps even sheer terror. Rest assured – these next nine months will more than likely fly by and your little one will arrive before you can say “trimester.” In the mean time, here are a few tried-and-true products to get you through this amazing experience! (Check back; I’ll be adding to this list periodically, and feel free to contact me with your recommendations, as well!):

yogi woman's mother to be pregnancy tea

Yogi Woman’s Mother to Be Herbal Tea Supplement* ($20)
If you’re a tea drinker, consider switching to Yogi’s Mother to Be herbal blend. It’s a certified organic, 100% herbal blend and contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Bonus? I’ve heard it can soothe even the worst bouts of morning sickness. Win-win!

erbaviva stretch mark oil

Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil* ($28)
Erbaviva’s stretch mark oil feels less like a preventative beauty method and more like a mini massage day after day. Made with essential oils, it’s USDA certified organic and ever-so-pampering. You’ll love! (Psst: If oil isn’t your thing, Erbaviva’s Stretch Mark Cream is equally indulgent!)


Tums Ex, Assorted Fruit (Pack of 2)* ($6.50)
I’ve only had one case of heartburn so far (on a photo shoot in the hot Atlanta sun, no less!), but I stocked up on Tums the second I returned home. These Tums come in yummy flavors, so it’s less of a blow to your taste buds, which are already a bit of a mess, yes? (Psst: BabyCenter has some great information for preventing and understanding heartburn during pregnancy. Worth a peek!)

toms shoes

Tom’s Classic Flats ($44)
Confession: My midwife scolded me at my 24 week appointment for wearing wedges. Because your center of gravity is already off and the pregnancy hormone relaxin loosens your joints and ligaments, your risk of ankle-rolling increases. Crazy, right? I took the better-safe-than-sorry route and have been living in my Tom’s since. They skew wide for any swelling you might be experiencing, and they are crazy comfortable for neighborhood walks. (Psst: Want more options? Check out 20 stylish flats for pregnancy!)

foods to avoid when pregnant app

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant App ($1)
By far, the most annoying aspect of pregnancy for me was attempting to navigate the world of food restrictions. Soft cheese, cold-cuts and shellfish, oh my! I downloaded this handy list for trips to the grocery or dinners out to make sure I didn’t accidentally eat something that was on the no-no list. Taking the guesswork out of meals made eating infinitely more fun! (Psst: This app is wonderful, but don’t fret if you’ve eaten Caesar dressing before you realized it was made with raw eggs. It’s easy to drive yourself crazy, so don’t forget to give yourself grace when you accidentally mess up. Also, if you’d like more app suggestions, check out my post on top 10 pregnancy apps!)

leachco organic snoggle body pillow

Leachco Organic Snoogle Total Body Pillow* ($75)
I’m a stomach sleeper, so falling asleep (and staying there!) has been trying as the weeks pass by. A girlfriend recommended this total body pillow, and although it’s pricey, sleep is sort of worth the investment, yes? It’s perfectly contoured to wrap around your neck, back and tummy for maximum support.

birthing from within

Birthing From Within* ($12)
OK, so I’ll confess I never would have picked this book off the shelf, but my midwife handed it to my husband and me after I had mentioned I wasn’t reading any pregnancy books (they’re so negative!). And although there are some over-the-top moments in Birthing From Within (i.e. birth art and belly cast chapters), I loved the tone of it all: that pregnancy is a wonderful, magical time and birthing is a process that women have been enduring for ages. The moment I finished it, I felt so much more calm about pregnancy, body changes, nutrition and birthing.

be maternity seamless ruched tank

Be Maternity Seamless Ruched Tank ($25)
Pregnancy has a way of making everything feel a bit more doughy, yes? The Be Maternity seamless ruched tank hugs around your growing belly and has the most comforting stretch while still providing the support you need to smooth out any unwanted weight gain bulges. I purchased one in every color!  (Psst: It’s more of a tunic length, which is perfect for hiding unzipped pre-pregnancy jeans!)

babycenter app

BabyCenter’s My Pregnancy Today App
I downloaded this app to calculate my due date and learn a bit more about the changes I’d be going through over the next nine months. It provides bite-sized tips and updates and is great if you’ve found pregnancy books to be overwhelming (I did!). Bonus? It’s free!

prenatal gummy vitamins

Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins* ($10.50)
If you’re not a champion pill-taker, prenatal gummy vitamins might be in order. These are fruity and delicious, and they contain DHA & folic acid, which are musts for any mama-to-be.

expecta lipil dha supplement

Expecta Lipil DHA Supplement* ($10)
I supplemented my prenatal vitamins with a DHA supplement because I’d read Omega 3 is the key to managing pregnancy brain. Of course, it could be a crazy myth, but my husband swears the instant I started taking Expecta, the pregnancy brain (for the most part) took a back seat and I could finally complete my sentences. Priceless!

prenatal yoga dvd

Crunch Yoga Mama DVD* ($9)
I’m embarrassing myself here, because I feel like Crunch was all the rage in the 90’s, but this pregnancy yoga DVD has been the best fit for me. It takes roughly 40 minutes and incorporates loads of relaxation techniques so you don’t really even feel like you’re working out (a bonus for the lazy-ish gal that hates to sweat). If you weren’t super active before you became pregnant, it’s a great, safe way to keep moving in a low impact manner. (Psst: It’s also available on Netflix!)

positive pregnancy app

Positive Pregnancy App ($3)
When I first discovered I was pregnant, my nerves got the best of me. I was terrified of miscarrying and was an all-around whirlwind of emotions at any given moment. Listening to positive affirmations became a nightly ritual, and this app made it so easy to fall asleep to soothing, uplifting words.

Have a happy pregnancy, friends, and remember to enjoy as much of the ride as you possibly can! For more pregnancy tips, tricks and finds, check out a list of pregnancy-related posts!

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